September 6, 2018

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September 15, 2017

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7 Top Ohio Beers for July

June 27, 2018





Why does someone open a Brewery?  Is it for fame and fortune?  Is it because they enjoy scrubbing and janitorial work?  Do they love working with the government?  My guess is, the answer to all of these questions is...nope.


You start a brewery because you love beer.  We are no different!  So we wanted to share our love of beer with you!  And let's face it...there are some GREAT breweries in Ohio!  So here are some of our favorite Ohio beers for the month of July!


Wooly Pig Farm Brewery--Hoppy Pils:  We don't have to look far for a great beer to start off our list!  This a hoppy German style Pilsner that is great on a hot day in Coshocton County!  We give this a big thumbs up!  


Great Lakes Brewing--Dortmonder Gold Lager:  We started this list of beers in July.  But truth be told, we like this one year round!  It's smooth and balanced and drinkable...but still has plenty of flavor.  This is a must try!


Millersburg Brewing--Nuthouse Peanut Butter Porter:  Not too heavy.  Not too light.  This Peanut Butter Porter is great for the darker beer enthusiast...with plenty of flavor!  You will go nuts over this one!


Hasseman Brewing--Colonel Brodhead Kolsch:  If you want a great, light cold beer on a hot day in July, then we humbly recommend trying our Kolsch!  It's an easy drinking beer (that even light beer drinkers like) but it packs a bit of a punch too.  So we don't think any beer list for July would be complete without it!  (Yes.  We might be biased).  


Brew Dog--Elvis Juice:  To be honest, I was not sure about this one before I tried it.  I had heard good things from others, but wasn't sure I loved the concept.  I was wrong.  This beer is delightful...and perfect for summer!


Jackie O's--Mystic Mama:  This India pale ale offers lots of flavor and aroma with out over-powering the senses.  We like that.  Don't get me wrong, we like the flavor, but we don't love a beer that blows our head off.  We want something we can drink.  This fits the bill for sure!


Hasseman Brewing--Mad Marshall IPA:  This is one of my favorite beers we make.  If you like a nice robust IPA, with plenty of flavor, this is one to try for sure.  And as we refine it, we have become more consistent and the gravity has risen.  It is totally drink-able but packs a punch!


So this is our inaugural list of our favorite Ohio Beers for July!  What are we missing?  What beers do we need to try?  Let us know!  Oh...and if you want to try ours, feel free to join us at the Tap Room at 115 S. 6th Street in Coshocton, Ohio.  And don't miss an update!  You can sign up for our VIP newsletter here.  We announce events, entertainment and new beers each week!  



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