September 6, 2018

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100 Things We Love About Coshocton County

September 15, 2017

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June 3, 2017

t's been a while since I have given an update, so I wanted to touch base!  Though from the outside, it might feel like things are going slowly, we are working hard to get everything in line so we are ready to rock as soon as possible.


Timeline:  The number one question that we get every day is "when will you open."  The honest is answer is "We are not totally sure."  As you may know, we do have our federal license...and that's a good thing.  But we have to have our State Permit too.  In addition, after we get the State Permit, we have to register each beer before we can open.  The good news?  We have had our state inspection and it went well.  A special thanks to Jason Given for working so hard on navigating this process!


We will get there.  And as I have said many times, once we are ready, we will NOT keep it a secret!  :)



The HBC Bar:  Now for some really cool news.  The custom bar is complete!  There were several people that worked really hard to make this I wanted to mention them by name.  Tim Bourne worked tirelessly on this signature piece.  It really looks nice and it is rock solid because of Tim.  In addition, Jim Brown, from CASCO helped us create our logo in metal so that would could have it "floating" in the bar.  Amazing. 



Furniture and Decor:  Having visited quite a few Microbreweries over the past several years ('s research!), I can tell you that we are very excited about our look and feel!  We have received a lot of great feedback about the celebration of Coshocton's history...and you will see that when you visit us.  But I want to give a big shout out to Janelle and Jason Given for coordinating that look.  The details are still coming together but every time I come in and see something new, it makes me smile.  Greg and Jenny Coffman have been helping create the look too...and have provided some really interesting furniture peices as well.  Oh, and I would love to show you the bathrooms, but I am afraid Janelle would not want me to spoil the surprise!




Planting Seeds:  I am really loving this.  Janelle and Jillian Given and Amy Hasseman really worked hard on these new planters.  It's funny, you might not think it would make a big difference, but I love the color and the sign of life this creates.  In addition, I think it's symbolic of the seeds we are planting for the future.  Too deep?  Maybe so.  But I really think these add something cool to the new place.


So those are the updates as of today!  As we get closer to the magical day when we can open, we will let you know!  We promise!


If you want to be on our VIP list, make sure to sign up here.  Until next time, cheers!




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