Craft Beer with Your Logo

How cool would it be to have quality craft beer for your event...with YOUR organizations logo on it? 


We know.  So cool.  

That's the idea behind our new Private Label program for Craft Beer.  Your organization can have a one of a kind branded gift that will leave a lasting impression.  

We even have a great program for Weddings and other special occasions.  The price is competitive and it's easy to make happen!

And have we mentioned it's beer?  It's an amazing gift for corporate gifts, events, and more.  

The minimums are low and pricing is simple.  

2 Cases:  $5 per bottle

5 Cases:  $4 per bottle

10 Cases:  $3 per bottle

The process is simple.  Just email is here and give us your needs.  We are excited to create a one of kind experience just for you!

Beer Options:

1811 Description


    A mild English style ale, this beer is smooth and tasty. Don't let the color fool you, it's a light beer at heart. A low IBU (International Bitterness Unit) means that the malts come forward. With a nice caramel taste and a honey backdrop, you'll see after a few sips why this beer has been the staple of Hasseman's Brewery since day one.

Colonel Brodhead Kolsch-

Derived from a type of beer brewed in Cologne, Germany. It is a crisp, light yellow top fermenting beer that has similar characteristics to a pilsner. 

Blackberry Wheat-

It is a crisp, light, wheat beer that refreshes the palate. With a blackberry taste, it is the perfect warm weather beer. 

Three Rivers Imperial Amber Ale -


This robust strong ale is a delightfully delicious endeavor.  Stronger than a brown ale but not quite barleywine level, this ale truly mixes taste with heartiness.  The malts are heavy and forward as they take over and rest on the tongue, almost completely concealing the alcohol.  The beautiful hue and exquisite flavor make this beer a fantastic drink for chilly nights.

Three Rivers Pumpkin Ale- 

A nice amber hue and mouthwatering aroma, the Three Rivers Pumpkin Ale is perfect for those chilly fall days. With 1/2 pound of pure pumpkin in every gallon, and just a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, this beer is light and tasty. 

Mad Marshall IPA 


    With a full body caramel malt flavor and a perfect blend of citrus and earthy malts, this IPA stands out.  It's a mild and strong IPA that has broad appeal and drinkability.  When making beer, we don't like to play favorites, but we find this one in our hands after a long hard day of work. 

Mary Stockum's Witch's Brew -


A very mild spiced ale, this is one chosen for those that enjoy something different. A slight earthy hop addition combined with cinnamon, ginger, and honey result in an easy to drink and delicious beer.

Blackbear Stout-

Unlike most stouts, the Blackbear Stout boasts a light mouth feel and smooth texture.  It's dark and roasty notes make it stand out even further from the crowd. It will make you break your hibernation for another beer. 

Miracle on Main Stout-


This winter stout begins with a lovely peppermint nose. The first taste continues slightly with the mint before the heart of the beer really takes over.  That's when the chocolate hits the palette.  Just a slight roastiness of malt character combined with real chocolate, results in a treat that is entrancing to the taste buds.  With this much flavor, it's difficult to discern whether you're having a beer or dessert, so why not have both?

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